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Shadows of Lions - The Sequel

Catherine Kensington has recently returned from Africa in a desperate attempt to escape her murderous mother who sits far too close on the chaise. Mebalwe stands alert in the corner, but he is no ordinary serving man, he is an African warrior, sent to protect Catherine from all that threatens to kill her.

Shadows of Lions is the sequel to my first book, In Spite of Lions, and was released in January of 2021. No need to read the first book if you haven't done so yet. Shadows of Lions is written as a standalone story. Follow me on social media to hear more about future releases!

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How does a young lady of means escape her high society fate? By booking passage on the first ship to Africa and promptly tossing her petticoats overboard! Now Anna's trading London's luxuries and restrictions for the wild unknown. Of course, shedding her old life would be much easier without the disapproving looks of a handsome sea captain and the demons in her past haunting her from worlds away.

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Scarlette Pike

About Scarlette

Scarlette is a mother of three, wife to one, and friend to many. In her spare time she enjoys scuba diving and gardening - sometimes at the same time! Pike is also interested in emotional health for kids and she writes children’s books with True Worth Books under her real name – Jamie Jensen.

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